Sona Biscuits Ltd (Sobisco) was established in 1992 by the enterprise of Shri Kailash Chand Agarwal. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Sobisco today is an ISO 22000 company, BRC (British Royal Consortium) - A certified and also a member of AIB (American Institute of Baking) which in itself is a certification of our stringent adherence to quality standards.


Our statistics are worth a thousand words

USD 150 million turnover boosts Sobisco’s confidence to go for bigger milestones. Sobisco’s present production capacity is 200,000 tonnes of Biscuits & Cakes. Sobisco ensures comfortable working environment with a sprawling 700,000 square feet floor space. The Sobisco family is ever-growing. We currently house more than 5000 employees. Over 1200 distributors & sub distributors guarantee that we reach you in no time. 600,000 shops and counting covered in 19 states of India and many more to go in the near future. Be spoilt for choice with Sobisco’s more than 100 different varieties of biscuits and cakes.




On a journey to treat the nation and beyond with the best in taste and health Sobisco started its story more than a couple of decades ago. The mission was to create a name that would stand for quality and wholesome goodness. The vision being to give people the gift of nutrition.



Established in 1992, this flagship brand of Sona Biscuits has come a long way with its current annual production of 100,000 tonnes. The power to gift its customers over 100 varieties of products ranging from sweet to savoury biscuits along with delicious cakes has made Sobisco a force to be reckoned within the FMCG sector. Sobisco now boasts of being present in around 600,000 shops all over India, thanks to its dedicated team and 1200 distributors and sub-distributors.